“Zoe has an instinctive gift for creative, thoughtful, and aesthetic organization of space. He is a good listener, too, and uses what he understands intuitively about people to help them figure out systems that are functional, sustainable, and still interesting.”  -Clio Stearns
“Zoe is truly gifted at spacial dynamics. In one evening, he recreated my entire approach to my home. He is capable of seeing things few can comprehend, and creating a simple ease with your environment the genius of which only grows more appreciable over time. Hiring him is a gift that will keep on giving long after he has finished his work. Treat yourself to him.”  -Roger Wolfson
“Working with Zoe is a delight! If you are wanting help organizing any part of your home whether it be closets, pantry, home office, daily schedule, details is what Zoe handles and manages best. He can see the big picture and listen to what you are wanting to create and will know the step by step plan that can help you achieve this. When he was working for me he made my work situation easy, I could trust him with any project and he was eager, loved what he was creating, and was always miles ahead of the process. You will be glad you made this decision to take him on board.”  -Suzanne Kent
“Zoe has helped me organize three apartments over the past 10 years. Each time I’ve moved I’ve been at a loss as to how to use the space, and Zoe always comes up with elegant and creative solutions.”  -Kevin Messman
“Zoe’s ability to see the big picture and keep it in mind while carefully attending to the details is fantastic. Our thousands of books are now organized thematically in a way that allows us to find what we’re looking for in seconds!”  -Janet Seltman
“Our spice cabinet has always been a mess. Each time I went to look for something I had to spin the lazy susan many times and climb up and move everything around. After your effort, which included improvised ways to raise things to different levels and a perfectly logical placement of spices that were used together, I just go into the cabinet and grab what I’m looking for.”  -Marty Seltman
“Zoe was an incredible week-of coordinator for my September 2011 wedding, bringing both organizing and design skills into play to help pull off a fantastic event for 80 people.  I joke that most of our DIY details were actually DIZ!  From logistics, to cleaning and prepping the event space, to volunteer coordinating, to place settings and decorations, Zoe took our ideas, dreams, and inspiration boards and executed them efficiently and with heart.”  -Lexi Adams

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